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With winter fast approaching, you will want to ensure you take care of your lawn and properly prepare it for the coming freeze! A few recommendations will greatly increase how quickly your lawn bounces back in the following spring.

  1. Aeration. If you have easy access to an aerator, now is the best time to aerate. Aerating during the fall will open the pathways for copious amounts of water to enter the ground and feed the root system. When the spring heat starts to melt the snow and the frost is leaving the ground, the holes will allow massive amounts of water to again, soak the roots and kick start life and growth of the grass blades.

2.   Fertilization. A good fall fertilizer (32-0-10), will keep our grass fed and promote great growth in the melting spring. It doesn’t matter which brand of fertilizer you use, as long and it has a decent amount of Nitrogen (the first number of the set of three), and Potassium (the last number of the set of three).  

3.    Weeds. Pay attention to where any patches of crabgrass are. These areas will die every fall but in doing so, they spread a tremendous amount of seeds. The seeds will germinate in the spring and start to grow. If you can note where the areas are, you can treat them in the spring before they germinate and eliminate the cycle!!

4.    Leaves. Rake and dispose of the massive amounts of leaves that fall typically brings. These leaves, if left behind, will only cause issues in the spring time when your grass is trying to reach for the sunlight.

5.    Mowing. Be sure not to mow too short, too late in the year. Mowing too short now, is just as bad as mowing too short in the extreme heat of the summer. It could potentially stunt the growth of the grass and provide a major setback for your luscious lawn..

6.    Overseed. Personally, I like to overseed in the fall  and spring. Apply seed in the fall allows it to sit and wait until the ground warms up in the spring and then it will start germination. While to snow is melting and the frost is coming out of the ground, the grass will be germinating and preparing to reach for the sun.

With a little bit of “elbow grease” and hard work, you are closer than ever to the beautiful, lush and thick lawn you had always dreamed of. For dedicated fertilizer programs or help overseeding, please give us a call. We have the perfect blend and the perfect fertilizer to help start the rejuvenation.