Central Alberta Hydroseed

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Our mission to sucessful grass seeding

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A  great SOD alternative @ Roughly half the price of sod and 1000times more reliable than hand sown seeds! Get your free quote today!!

Great blends, Low grow, All purpose, Executive, Super Evergreen and any Native grass you need for your project.

Customized fertilizer programs

Customized Fertilizer Applications

Looking for a little help with thickening your existing lawn? Having issues with moss or fungus? Snap some pictures, give me a call and I'll gladly offer some advice  or we can select a treatment to suit your needs. Sometimes, all the answers are in a simple soil test. We are proud to offer Soil tests so we can choose exactly what is need for your lawn without adding a bunch of unnecessary stuff!!

Landscaping services

Landscape services.

Want the whole package? Need a few spots flattened or want to redesign your yard? We also provide landscaping services!!

Lawn painting

Lawn Painting.

Yes, its here!!! New to Central Alberta!! If your lawn is looking a little down, or if the city has you on a water ban... we can help re-establish your desired curb appeal. Please call for more information.