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Spring Lawn Care

Spring grass recommendations.

Alas, the air is warming up, the breeze is blowing the winter blues away and the sun is shining a little brighter everyday! This is a sure sign our friend, Spring is around the corner. Spring is a great time to get outdoors and start bringing the outdoor side of your property to its brightest. Follow these few simple recommendations for the lawn everyone will dream of.

1.    Aeration. If you followed my previous recommendations, you would have aerated in the fall to catch as much of the rain and snow melt . Well, now is another great time to aerate your lawn. This will help to oxygenate the roots and provide a rush of nutrients to the root system. Anything you add to your lawn will be forced into the roots by the moisture over the next few weeks..

2.    Dethatch/power rake. Ridding your lawn for the thick thatch that formed over the winter will enable all rain and nutrients to soak into the earth to feed the grass. Too much thatch will cause grief for young grass blades and any nutrients laid down at this time may be washed away.

3.    Fertilization. A good fertilizer (34-06-00), or something with a high nitrogen content (Nitrogen is the first number of the set of three). Nitrogen is responsible for getting the grass blades kicked into high gear for capturing the sun`s rays. With the proper amount of Nitrogen, your grass blades will be thick, soft and a deep green color.

4.    Overseed. You overseeded in the fall, but now another bit of seed in the spring will ensure you have seed on the ground to replace any damaged or dead grass. One of the biggest misconceptions about grass is, most do not know that grass will eventually die. When your lawn is looking thin and doesn’t respond to fertilizer like it used to, its getting tired and needs some new troops! Hopefully it never gets to that point and wont if you follow these recommendations.

5.    Mowing. Again, don’t mow too short. Keeping your grass between 2-3” is ideal. Closer to 3” and your grass will make it through most droughts without too much harm. And please remember the one third rule! (Never mow more than 1/3 of the grasses height in a single mow) This will ensure consistent grass blades and keep it thick and hopefully weed free.

6.    Weeds. Remember the crabgrass clumps before it snowed? Now is the time to apply a broadleaf herbicide to the areas of crabgrass. The seeds will not germinate if applied properly.

7.    Hydroseed???? The Hydroseed mixture is the perfect dose of everything your lawn needs to "jump" into growing season. With a smaller dose of seed and a custom blend of fertilizer (as per a soil test), the mulch, seed and fertilizer combo will kick everything into high gear. Nothing will get your lawn going again like a turbocharged application of Hydroseed. With a reduced rate of application, comes a reduced price!!

With all the hard work that went into your lawn last year, start the year of right and be the envy of the neighborhood, just remember to be a humble and gracious winner!! If you find yourself too busy to catch this critical time of year, please contact for more information on our fertilizer programs and soil testing to know exactly what your lawn needs. No point adding a bunch of chemicals if you don’t need them! We can even overseed with the desired fertilizer to help alleviate your busy schedule. Call or email for more information. Happy grass season!