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Tips and lawn care advice

Basic tips and lawn care.

Probably one of the biggest misconceptions of home ownership is the lawn and how the lawn is self regulating and self sustaining. The lawn is actually a delicate balance of hydration, fertilization, proper pruning (mowing) and just the right amount of love!

-Hydration. The most basic necessities of proper lawn care is Hydration. Without proper watering, the lawn will never be a strong disease and weed fighting system is can be. I recommend clients use a Frisbee or an old tuna can. It can be any item, as long as it can hold water. Now, take the item and place it on the lawn where you intend to water. Turn on your water and walk away. Return in 30 minutes and check on your item. Hopefully the item has water in it. You are looking for about 1 inch of water total. If your item only has 1/2" of water, you will need to run your sprinkler for 1hour at a time. This may take a bit of trial and error to get it right. Once you get the amounts figured out, you will want to water 3 times per week (unless water conservation is in effect). If you notice your footprints are not "bouncing" back quickly, your lawn may be dehydrated. Always try to water in the mornings. This will ensure you wont contribute to growing moss or mold.

-Fertilization. This is another misconception within our homeowner community. Your lawn requires food. Doesn't matter if you go the organic route or a good strong nitrogen based fertilizer. Either way, your lawn needs food. Without food, it will not become thick and start resisting weeds and other foreign pests. Aim for a good high nitrogen based fertilizer and apply as directed every 3-4 weeks. ***It is extremely important to be very careful when applying fertilizer around streams, lakes and waterways. Applying too much or having it wash away and leach into the local water could lead to disastrous algae and problems for fish species and the whole ecosystem. For actual lawn requirements, please refer to soil testing.

-Mowing. One of the most important things you can do to help your lawn take care of those pesky weeds. Proper pruning and mowing will ensure your lawn stays healthy and strong. It is recommended to never cut more than one third of the grass blades height in any one mowing session. Try to mow in an opposite direction every time you mow. And please, please remember to keep your blades sharp.